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About Sarah Stephenson

From birth, music and sound has been an integral part of my life and guided me through my own healing journey.

I trained as a classical pianist at the Royal Northern College of Music, and have worked professionally as a classical accompanist, opera repetiteur, Musical Director and vocal coach. There was always a fascination with the voice, and I later studied the Estill voice training system which was born from 40 years scientific research of Jo Estill, an inspiring singer and researcher who wanted everybody to realise they had a beautiful voice – I truly believe Jo knew the profundity of this statement! As a qualified Estill Master voice trainer, I have worked on courses in the UK, Europe, Scandinavia and Africa.  I have 25 years experience of working as a professional vocal coach, teaching young singers, actors and dancers, working for some of the leading colleges and Universities in the UK.

I have always been aware of the profound effect of music and sound. My search for integrating music with healing modalities was realised in 2011 when I found the College of Sound Healing. It was like coming home to something familiar. I knew that this was a profound sacred calling. I qualified as a Sound Healing Practitioner, and in 2016 became a tutor for the college, running their Sound Healing practitioner course with the voice.

I am passionate about the voice and believe it is our greatest gift of healing, giving us the ability to unlock our true potential. It is crucial for us to access our own unique signature and merge in the harmonious symphony of nature and humanity.

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